Agilitech announces the release of a new podcast published by Cell Culture Dish, which explores how to create a unified system between upstream and downstream bioprocessing while ensuring a flexible design that is future proof. 

In this podcast, Brandy Sargent, Editor-in-chief at Cell Culture Dish, spoke with Phil Sanders, Biotech Chief Innovation Officer at Agilitech, to delve into developing a set of best practices for creating a holistic process from upstream to downstream.

There are two realities that biotech companies live in when designing upstream and downstream systems: either you need to work with existing equipment/processes to build a unified system, or you have the ability to build a new system from the ground up. Either way, these systems should be designed to meet both current needs and take future needs into consideration.

Phil walks listeners through practical steps on building systems with scalability in mind and discusses why it is often better not to lock into a single brand or a proprietary solution for your process needs. Taking automation into consideration is also very important. While getting up and operational is critical for companies, Phil explains why it is important to take a balanced approach and to look at the whole picture, planning a process that works not just now, but also for the future.

The podcast offers specific examples of how Agilitech has worked closely with customers to take current and future scale into consideration while still maintaining very fast timelines.

Listen to the podcast to gain insights on best practices for creating a holistic process from upstream to downstream – whether you’re building from the ground up or creating a unified system using existing equipment and processes.