Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Systems

Meeting your needs today and adapting as you grow

Brand-agnostic design

Flexible system adapts to your unique and evolving bioprocess

Seamless integration

State-of-the-art automation and control

Safe and sterile single-use technology

Low shear pump minimizes shear during recirculation

A choice of models

Fit for your purpose: scalable single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems

Agilitech single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems provide the flexibility and agility to perform purification operations upon delivery. A uniquely flexible design offers options and possibilities for every facet of the skid to meet your current application needs, while future-proofing the system to easily and cost-effectively scale along with your process.

Our engineering experts collaborate with you to customize the system to your unique requirements—whether adding or removing inlets/outlets, analytics, filters, etc. The system provides unmatched flexibility of components: choose your preferred filter brand, single-use assembly, bag or bottle recirculation container and more; and it will be delivered with your preferred state-of-the-art automation and control system—whether that’s DeltaV, Rockwell Automation or another platform. The chromatography skid can run as a stand alone unit or integrated into an existing or new DCS/SCADA system. As always, the choice is yours.


When it comes to filters, single-use bags and other components—even the control system— the Agilitech tangential flow filtration (TFF) system is brand agnostic to give you unmatched options.

Maximum flexibility

  • Integrates virtually any brand hollow fiber and flat sheet style filters
  • Custom single-use assembly accommodates Sartorius, Millipore, GE, Watersepor other preferred filter brand
  • Choose bag or bottle recirculation containers
  • Both recirculation vessel weight control and permeate flow control available
  • Diafiltration mode available (with buffer feed)

Single-use technology ensures a safe and sterile process

  • Fully sterilized single-use tubing sets, complete with integrated sensors, minimize risk of contamination
  • Sterile-to-sterile connections for inlets/outlets reduce contamination risks
  • Highest quality components; USP <88> Class VI certified single-piece tubing sets ensure sterility throughout use*

*Excludes flat sheet filter connections that are made at the time of use.

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System Control Screen

State-of-the-art automation and control—your way

We can deliver the tangential flow filtration (TFF) system with a state-of-the-art DeltaV control system. If you prefer Rockwell Automation, that’s no problem. Agilitech is a certified Rockwell System Integrator. Our seasoned engineers also have vast experience with Inductive Automation Ignition Software and Wonderware. An ISA-88 batch-compliant structure is used to create the building blocks of the automation to ensure that the ease of use and feel of the system are the same, regardless of the platform.

Easy-to-use, intuitive control panel

Our automation engineers have listened to end users and applied years of bioprocess experience to optimize the user interface of the TFF system control panel. We have identified the functions and data that operators need to access most often, and the user interface brings these functions and data to the top layer of the screen—no more endless clicking or digging to access data.


Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Benchtop Models

Technical Specifications

Attribute T125 T250
General Skid Specifications
Tubing Internal Diameter Feed and Retentate: 0.125 in
Permeate: 0.125 in
Inlets: 0.125 in
Feed and Retentate: 0.25 in
Permeate: 0.25 in
Inlets: 0.25 in
Feed Flow Rate 1-500 mL/min 0.5-7.7 LPM
Tank Size Up to 10L Up to 50L
Pressure rating 60 psi/4 bar 60 psi/4 bar
Temperature Range 2–50°C 2-50°C
Humidity (non-condensing) 10-90% 10-90%
Utility Requirements* 100-120 VAC 100-120 VAC
Wetted Materials USP <88> Class VI and animal free USP <88> Class VI and animal free
Membrane Holder Capacity 0.01 m2 to 0.04 m2 0.01m2 to 2.0 m2
Feed and Filtrate Flow Measurement Clamp on ultrasonic flow sensor (±3%) Clamp on ultrasonic flow sensor (±3%)
Inlets 1 product
2 buffers
1 product
2 buffers
Outlet Ports 1 Filtrate 1 Filtrate
Minimum Working Volume
Agitator Top
Agitator Bottom
Bag Sensors/Sampling
Depends on mixer selected Depends on mixer selected
Hold-Up Volume (excludes filtration device) 25 mL 50 mL
Dims (W x D x H)** 635 x 559 x 635 mm 635 x 559 x 635 mm
Sensor Performance
Pressure 0-6 psi (± 2%)
6-30 psi (± 3%)
30-60 psi (± 5%)
0-6 psi (± 2%)
6-30 psi (± 3%)
30-60 psi (± 5%)
Filtrate Conductivity 0-100 mS/cm (± 3%) 0-100 mS/cm (± 3%)
Vessel Weight 0-10 kg (± 0.3%) 0-50 kg (± 0.3%)
Flow 0-4 LPM (± 3%) 0-8 LPM (± 3%)

*Compressed air (oil free) @ 80 psi/5.5 bar
**Highest Operator interaction: 5 ft 2 in

Specifications represent standard Agilitech models and may change when customized for specific customer applications. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Quality manufacturing backed by world-class service and support

All Agilitech single-use TFF systems are manufactured to the highest standards and delivered with the documentation you need:

  • Standard Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) documentation provided upon delivery; we can also use your specific documentation, if preferred
  • Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) testing and documentation available for use in cGMP production

All Agilitech single-use TFF systems are delivered with a recommended preventative maintenance plan and spare parts list. We also provide maintenance service to ensure pumps, transmitters and all other components function within specification.

You have a vision for your process.

We can help you get there.