Agilitech brings its innovative technologies and transformative bioprocess solutions approach to the game-changing arena of cell and gene therapy. Download our new brochure to discover our full suite of products for advanced therapies. 

Bringing cell and gene therapies from the lab bench to clinical practice can be a complex process. Agilitech upstream and downstream bioprocessing solutions are designed for just such a challenge. “In this rapidly evolving field, speed, efficiency, quality, and safety are key. What sets Agilitech apart is our approach to front-end planning and flexible product design, so that we can deliver solutions and technologies that are tailored to the exact needs of our customers — now and in the future. We listen and collaborate from day one so that future-proofing is built right in. Our solutions support those who are breaking new ground in health and medicine, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, so our technologies are not designed to stand still”, commented Phil Sanders, Biotech Chief Innovation Officer at Agilitech.

Upstream production needs are met with Agilitech’s flexible, compact dual bioreactor controllers for cell culture growth and our single-use TFF systems and single-use multipurpose filtration systems cover your harvest clarification needs. Our single-use chromatography systems and single-use mixers aid in your downstream production.

Download the brochure to discover Agilitech single-use technologies for every step of your bioprocess.