Agilitech announces the release of a new podcast published by Downstream Column, which discusses current supply chain challenges, possible solutions, and what the future holds.

 In this podcast, Brandy Sargent, Editor at Cell Culture Dish, spoke with Phil Sanders, Biotech Chief Innovation Officer at Agilitech, Chris Couper, President and Founder of Liquidyne Process Technologies, and Derrick Alig, North American Western Regional Sales Manager for PSG Dover Biotech, about ways to navigate supply chain shortages to ensure manufacturers meet their timelines.

The panel gave insights into issues such as what challenges their customers are currently experiencing with sourcing single use consumables and technologies and how each company is working with customers to alleviate these challenges. Everything from raw materials to ramping up production was discussed, as well as the fact that supply chain issues are not isolated to single use equipment – reusable equipment utilizes chips, control systems, and other items that are experiencing shortages as well.

The panelists offered solutions on how customers can plan projects in partnership with vendors to identify potential supply chain issues with a plan B in place to avert delays.  Phil illustrated an example of how the Agilitech team built a unit for a customer with interchangeable parts, so if a component wasn’t available, there were others on the market that could be substituted. Phil commented, “It is important to be adaptable and flexible and have those conversations, so you have a plan for managing supply chain issues in advance.” 

Listen to the podcast or download the transcript before starting your next project.