The new Agilitech single-use sterile filtration system is a highly adaptable single-use platform designed to meet your current and future needs.

The system offers flexibility that is next-level – it can accommodate your preferred sterile filter brand and the brand-agnostic design allows the use of best-in class components for every part of the skid. Additionally, the unique design can be configured to accommodate multiple size filters. This enables your process to evolve as your needs change, keeping costs down and increasing productivity.

“Agilitech’s unique collaborative front-end planning and product design process starts with our customers. We invest the time up front to understand current needs and future development goals before adapting our standard sterile filtration system to fit each customer’s purpose. This same collaborative approach is taken with all of our single-use technologies.”, Phil Sanders, Chief Innovation Officer at Agilitech, explains.

This single-use sterile filtration system features dynamic flow control which automatically decreases the flow rate should filters foul and pressure increase, and a volume totalizer that monitors liquid volume pumped through the system. Multiple inlets (for product, buffer, water) and outlets (for product collection or waste) can be accommodated. The sterile filtration system operates via manual control or can be easily integrated with the customer’s preferred automation and control system.

Customers can inquire about the new single-use sterile filtration system through Agilitech’s team of authorized manufacturer’s representatives.

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