Agilitech now offers a complete benchtop bioreactor system that accommodates two stir vessels in one of the smallest footprints available. With a brand-agnostic design, users have the option to choose their own vessel configuration, preferred sensors, as well as the automation and control platform.

“Today’s customers want flexibility in their systems to meet their unique application and bioprocessing needs,” said Phil Sanders, Biotech Chief Innovation Officer, Agilitech. “Our entire product offering is built around flexibility and future-proofing technology to meet current and future customer requirements. Our new bioreactor system offers just that.”

The bioreactor system is highly versatile. The vessel configuration is flexible and includes jacketed or single wall vessels in 3 L, 5 L, 7 L, 15 L, or 20 L sizes. The system allows for simultaneous control of two vessels and up to 8 pumps for fluid management and 8 mass flow controls for gas management. The control system also accommodates additional scales for vessel weight and additional sensors for perfusion applications. And the controller is built to last with its durable stainless steel housing.

Controls are based on S88 standards to support manual operation to full batch control. This system can be delivered with DeltaV, Rockwell Automation, Inductive Automation Ignition, Wonderware, or other control system.

The new complete Benchtop Bioreactor System is available through Agilitech’s team of authorized manufacturer’s representatives.