Designed with flexibility in mind, the new Agilitech dual bioreactor controller can be adapted for both fermentation and cell culture bioreactor configurations. A brand-agnostic design gives users the option to use their own single-use bags or glass vessels, as well as their preferred sensors, whether Mettler Toledo, Broadley James, Hamilton, PreSense, or another brand. The system also accommodates additional scales for vessel weight and sensors for perfusion applications.

Agilitech’s team of engineers are highly skilled with all the leading automation and control platforms, which enables delivery with state-of-the-art automation. Once again, customers have complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the automation and control platform. The system can be delivered with DeltaV, Rockwell Automation, Inductive Automation Ignition Software, Wonderware or another control system. An ISA-88 structure is used to create the building blocks for automation to ensure that the ease of use and feel of the system are the same, regardless of the platform.

Agilitech automation engineers have also applied years of bioprocess experience to optimize the user interface, resulting in an intuitive control panel. “We provide an interface that delivers a positive user experience because of the input that we’ve solicited from end users. As with all Agilitech products, we start the design process by listening to end users, understanding their frustrations and pain points, and then designing systems that provide solutions to their problems. The Dual Controller is another example of this approach to product design,” commented Phil Sanders, Biotech Chief Innovation Officer, Agilitech.

The new dual controller is available through Agilitech’s team of authorized manufacturer’s representatives.