Agilitech is pleased to announce the opening of a regional office near the San Francisco Bay area. Strategically located in one of the leading biotech hubs, the new office will facilitate collaboration with customers in the area.

Agilitech is a pioneering partner to the biotech industry and helps to drive progress by designing and implementing state-of-the-art equipment and bioprocessing systems for biotech research labs through to full-scale production, along with providing game-changing bioprocess engineering and automation services. Close customer collaboration is at the core of the company’s product design process and the new regional office will support this process.

“We are excited to have a presence in the San Francisco Bay biotech community,” says Phil Sanders, Biotech Chief Innovation Officer. “The new regional office will provide close proximity to biotech innovators and facilitate enhanced collaboration with our customers.”

A transformative product design and engineering process is what makes Agilitech single-use technologies unique and ensures that Agilitech’s products meet the exact needs of each and every customer. A unique collaborative front-end planning and product design process with the customer is at the core of the company’s technology approach. Building a local presence near one of the largest biotech hubs in the U.S. will play an important part in the companpy’s overall growth.

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