The new Agilitech single-use Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System is uniquely designed to allow users to continue using their preferred filters and other instrument components, as well as their preferred automation and control platform.  And, since it is a single-use system, a safe and sterile process with the benefits of cost savings is ensured.

“The way that Agilitech approaches its product design is unlike most bioprocessing equipment providers,” said Dennis Hodgson, Sr. Biotech Process Engineering Advisor, Agilitech. “We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality. We first consult with the customer to understand current and future requirements, pain points, and preferences. Our team of highly experienced engineers work with end users to characterize their TFF system and then customize the product to meet their specific requirements.”

By understanding customer needs and applying broad experience with process automation and control systems, Agilitech automation engineers have designed an easy to use, intuitive user interface for the TFF system. Based upon decades of listening to the needs of end users, Agilitech’s engineering team has identified the functions and data that operators need to access most often, and the user interface brings these functions and data to the top layer of the screen—no more endless clicking or digging to access critical data.

The TFF system’s open architecture offers complete flexibility when it comes to the automation and control platform. It can be configured with state-of-the-art DeltaV software and  Rockwell Automation. Agilitech engineers have specialized knowledge and expertise with these platforms, as well as Inductive Automation Ignition Software, Wonderware, and other platforms.

The new TFF system is available in a variety of sizes for the lab to pilot plant production.