The new Agilitech multipurpose single-use bioprocess filtration system is redefining flexibility; it can be adapted for multiple applications, including sterile filtration, depth filtration, or virus filtration, and used with virtually any external filtration system.

This brand-agnostic system integrates best-in-class filters and components for every aspect of the skid and customer brand preferences are easily accommodated. It can also be delivered with any modern control system, including DeltaV®, Rockwell Automation®, or other platform. This allows users to make modifications on their own. And they are not locked-in to a particular vendor for their filters and components, or the automation and control system.

“We’re pleased to introduce this benchtop version of our multipurpose single-use filtration system. It is incredibly flexible. You can perform multiple applications that include sterile filtration, depth filtration, and even virus filtration. Like all of our single-use technologies, our customers are co-designers of their system. We work closely with them to adapt the system to meet their exact needs,” said Phil Sanders, Biotech Chief Innovation Officer at Agilitech.

This single-use system features fully sterilized single-use tubing sets, complete with integrated sensors, which minimizes the risk of contamination. Sterile-to-sterile connections for inlets and outlets also reduce contamination risks.

The new multipurpose single-use filtration system is available through Agilitech’s team of authorized manufacturer’s representatives.

DeltaV is a registered trademark of Emerson. Rockwell Automation is a registered trademark of Rockwell Automation, Inc. Stax is a trademark of Pall Corp; Viresolve is a registered trademarks of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.