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Michael Morgan, PhD

Michael Morgan, PhD

Biotech Chief Innovation Officer

Michael serves as Agilitech’s Biotech Chief Innovation Officer. He holds a PhD program in Biochemistry from Brandeis University and has been in the biotechnology space for over 30 years. He holds undergraduate dual degrees in Biochemistry and Writing and uses his quantitative and qualitative acumen to grow businesses.  He has a broad-based forward-thinking experience in the Biotech industry in sales, marketing, field support and customer education.

He has held positions with In-Vitro Diagnostics, Bioprocessing, Virus-Removal filtration and Custom Cell-Culture media focuses, and he’s created and helmed a technology customer education and demonstration center. 

Mike is firmly grounded in Agilitech’s core values of Quality, Innovation and Resilience.  He states “these values are interrelated. Resilience to innovate and future-proof while maintaining an exemplary QMS can require mindfulness of industry growth requirements and ever-evolving therapeutic targets.  The challenges that supply chain, education, and meteoric growth can often challenge these values, and I’m impassioned to be part of a team that embraces them.”

Mike’s management style has a definite nurturing component. He shares “We do what we do for at least one-third of our lives or more. So it’s important to understand that bidirectional feedback and transparency between employee and company can be leveraged as a strength to optimize company performance.”