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Dennis Hodgson

Dennis Hodgson

Director of Biotech Product Development

With over 16 years of engineering/manufacturing experience working at preeminent global companies such as Genentech, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Boehringer Ingelheim, Dennis is well versed in all functional areas of biotech process design and engineering.

Dennis’ work history includes both large- and small-scale E Coli and mammalian cell-based purification operations, procedures and systems, technical support, validation and automation. During his career, he has created multiple Functional Specifications for unit operations such as ultrafiltration and CIP at major companies, and has designed, manufactured and delivered OEM solutions for single-use chromatography and tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems. His depth of knowledge regarding product design and engineering are relied upon by our customers. Dennis also has broad experience with bioprocess system integration, automation and process optimization.

In his role as Director, Biotech, Dennis provides technical leadership for new product development and custom configuration of biotech products and systems to meet client specific needs today and in the future. His vast expertise and understanding of the ever-changing arena of biotech research and development, as well as biopharmaceutical manufacturing are sought after by both internal colleagues and clients alike.

Dennis is proficient with multiple market-leading automation platforms such as DeltaV, Rockwell Automation, GE iFix, Unicorn, and RSBatch.