Single-Use TFF System

Flexible Single-Use TFF Systems for Full-Scale Production

The Agilitech Advantage:

Low shear design maximizes yield

Optimized TMP control streamlines your process

Easily run processes with more viscous solutions

Brand-agnostic design provides complete flexibility to integrate best-in-class components for every part of the skid

Reduced cost of consumables

State-of-the-art automation and control

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Fit-for-purpose brand-agnostic design and open architecture ensures a system that meets your exact requirements

Agilitech single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems provide the flexibility and agility to perform purification operations upon delivery, while every part of the TFF system features best-in-class components to optimize performance.

Designed to streamline your bioprocess, increase sample recovery, and reduce the cost of consumables

A magnetically levitated pump combined with a cubical mixing bag with magnetic mixer limits shear on the product throughout the filtration process, maximizing yield at every TFF step. The pump also maintains proper transmembrane pressure by providing a near pulsation-free fluid dynamic and meeting flow and pressure requirements; this is crucial to optimizing filter performance throughout the TFF process. Combined with an air modulated diaphragm pressure control valve, retentate pressure reaches set point almost instantly to achieve the desired TMP. These design features work to eliminate pump pulsations and pinching control valves that lead to more erratic pressure control.

Designed for temperature control of solutions from 2 – 50°C, you can run processes at higher concentrations and with more viscous solutions. The system also maxmizes product recovery in the recirculation bag. Users simply disconnect the tubing from the TFF skid and move the recirculation bag to the next step for further processing. This results in fewer consumables and reduced cost, while eliminating project delays due to supply chain issues with consumables.

Maximum flexibility

  • Integrates virtually any brand hollow fiber and flat sheet style filters
  • Custom single-use assembly accommodates Sartorius, Millipore, Pall, and other preferred filter brands
  • Both recirculation vessel weight control and permeate flow control available
  • Diafiltration mode available (with buffer feed)

Single-use technology ensures a safe and sterile process

  • Fully sterilized single-use tubing sets, complete with integrated sensors, minimize risk of contamination
  • Sterile-to-sterile connections for inlets/outlets reduce contamination risks
  • Highest quality components; USP <88> Class VI certified single-piece tubing sets ensure sterility throughout use*

*Excludes flat sheet filter connections that are made at the time of use.

State-of-the-art automation and control—your way

We can deliver the TFF skid with your preferred automation and control system whether that’s DeltaV, Rockwell Automation, Inductive Automation Ignition Software, Wonderware, or other platform. Our seasoned engineers have decades of experience across a wide range of platforms. Regardless of the platform you choose, the user experience is the same due to the ISA-88 batch-compliant structure that is used to create the building blocks of the automation.

Easy-to-use, intuitive control panel

Our automation engineers have listened to end users and applied years of bioprocess experience to optimize the user interface of the TFF system control panel. We have identified the functions and data that operators need to access most often, and the user interface brings these functions and data to the top layer of the screen—no more endless clicking or digging to access data.


Agilitech TFF Chromatography User Interface

Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Models

Technical Specifications

Attribute T500 T750 T1000
General Skid Specifications      
Tubing Internal Diameter Feed and Retentate: 0.50 in
Permeate: 0.25 in
Inlets: 0.25 in
Feed and retentate: 0.75 in
Permeate: 0.5 in
Inlets: 0.5 in
Feed and retentate tubing: 1 in
Permeate: 0.75 in
Inlets: 0.75 in
Tank Size Up to 200L Up to 650 L Up to 1000 L
Feed Flow Rate 0-10 LPM 5 – 50 LPM 10 – 100 LPM
Pressure rating 60 psi/4 bar 60 psi/4 bar 60 psi/4 bar
Temperature Range 2-50°C 2 – 50°C 2 – 50°C
Humidity (non-condensing) 10-90% 10 – 90% 10 – 90%
Utility Requirements*
Skid Power
Mixer Power
100-120 VAC
220-230 VAC
100 – 120 VAC
220-230 VAC
100 – 120 VAC
Wetted Materials USP <88> Class VI and animal free USP <88> Class VI and animal free USP <88> Class VI and animal free
Membrane Holder Capacity 0.5m2 to 5.0m2 0.5m2 to 5.0m2 2.5m2 to 10.0m2
Feed and Filtrate Flow Measurement Clamp on ultrasonic flow sensor (±3%) Clamp on ultrasonic flow sensor (±3%) Clamp on ultrasonic flow sensor (±3%)
Temp Control 2-50°C 2 – 50°C 2 – 50°C
Inlets 1 product
2 buffers
1 product
2 buffers
To recirc bag: 3 inlets, 1 product, 2 buffers
To feed pump: 3 inlets, 1 recirculating bag, 2 additional feed ports
Outlet Ports 1 Filtrate 1 Filtrate Permeate: 2 outlets; waste or recycle
Retentate; 3 outlets waste, recycle or recirculating bag
Minimum Working Volume
Agitator Top
Agitator Bottom
Bag Sensors/Sampling
Depends on mixer selected Based on 2OO L Bag
37 L
14 L
25 L
Based on 650 L Bag
82 L
31 L
55 L
Hold-Up Volume
(excludes filtration device)
750 mL 1.5 L 2.5 L
Dims (W x D x H)**
Skid Bag Holder
1219 x 787 x 1810 mm
1219 x 825 x 1595 mm
1219 x 787 x 1810 mm
1219 x 825 x 1595 mm
2032 x 1270 x 2108
1371 x 1066 x 1595
Sensor Performance      
Pressure 0-6 psi (± 2%)
6-30 psi (± 3%)
30-60 psi (± 5%)
0 – 6 psi (± 2%)
6 – 30 psi (± 3%)
30 – 60 psi (± 5%)
0 – 6 psi (± 2%)
6 – 30 psi (± 3%)
30 – 60 psi (± 5%)
Filtrate Conductivity 0-250 mS/cm (±0.25 mS/cm) 0-250 mS/cm (±0.25 mS/cm) 0-250 mS/cm (± 0.25 mS/cm)
Vessel Weight 0-200 kg (± 0.3%) 0 -650 kg (± 3%) 0-1000 kg (± 0.3%)
Flow 0-10 LPM (± 3%) 0-50 LPM (± 3%) 0 – 100 LPM (± 3%)

*Compressed air (oil free) @ 80 psi/5.5 bar
**Highest Operator interaction: 5 ft 2 in

Specifications represent standard Agilitech models and may change when customized for specific customer applications. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Quality manufacturing backed by world-class service and support

All Agilitech single-use TFF systems are manufactured to the highest standards and delivered with the documentation you need:

  • Standard Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) documentation provided upon delivery; we can also use your specific documentation, if preferred
  • Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) testing and documentation available for use in cGMP production

If needed, we will partner with you to develop Performance Qualification (PQ) testing; supplemental documents such as Qualification Project Plan (QPP), Criticality Assessment and Risk Assessment can also be provided.

All Agilitech single-use TFF systems are delivered with a recommended preventative maintenance plan and spare parts list. We also provide maintenance service to ensure pumps, transmitters and all other components function within specification.

You have a vision for your process.

We can help you get there.