Future-proof bioprocesses:

Flexible Single-Use Technology that Adapts to an Evolving Industry

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Future-proof Bioprocess Article

Future-proofing means designing for change

One thing constant in biopharmaceutical manufacturing is change. There is an ever-present need to adapt to new therapeutic modalities, more cost-effective approaches, higher product demands, and even a worldwide pandemic. The best way to ensure efficient biomanufacturing is to future-proof bioprocesses with flexible systems that enable a quick response to changing priorities. Read this article to learn what’s driving the need for flexible bioprocessing solutions, get ideas on how best to future-proof your bioprocess, and learn about single-use technologies that are tailored to user needs and offer the flexibility needed to easily adapt with an evolving process.

Flexible single-use bioprocessing technologies from Agilitech are mentioned in this article. These products are redefining flexibility in single use. A transformative product design and engineering process is what makes them unique and ensures they meet the exact needs of each and every customer. Agilitech provides a wide range of single-use technologies: chromatography systems, TFF systems, and a multipurpose filtration system that can be adapted for sterile filtration, depth filtration, and virus filtration. If you’re interested in learning more about Agilitech single-use bioprocessing technologies, click here.

This article touches on the following topics:

What’s behind the growing need for more flexible bioprocessing technologies and collaborative vendor partnerships

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the biotech industry, including supply chain issues with single-use technologies, and those most affected

Potential solutions for future-proofing your bioprocess

Uniquely flexible brand-agnostic single-use technologies that can adapt best-in-class filters, sensors, and other components based on specific needs and brand preferences of the process development scientist, and also adapt to an evolving process

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As a pioneering partner to the biotech industry, Agilitech helps to drive progress by designing and implementing state-of-the-art equipment and bioprocessing systems for biotech labs through to full-scale production, along with providing game-changing bioprocess engineering and automation services.

In a fast-moving industry that is constantly evolving, Agilitech has the flexibility and experience to tailor its offerings to the specific requirements of each and every customer. A transformative product design and engineering process is what makes Agilitech single-use products unique and ensures that the company’s solutions meet the exact needs of each and every customer. Through front-end planning and collaborative product design with their customers, Agilitech delivers truly fit for purpose solutions to real problems.

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