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Biologics manufacturer optimizes TFF process to produce more biomaterial at a faster rate

Learn about the TFF system that cut processing time from seven to two hours, on average, while doubling batch size from 20 L to 40 L

Agilitech TFF Case Study
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Optimizing Tangential Flow Filtration in Biologics Manufacturing with Flexible and Future-proof Single-use Technology

A recognized leader in the discovery and production of enzymes for molecular biology applications was in need of a new tangential flow filtration (TFF) system to support production of a cell-based product. Their production process depended on accurate TFF, an essential step for washing their material before preparing the product for market. As a commercial product, and not a research product, this particular production line was essential to the company’s customers and their overall revenue stream. The company outgrew its TFF system as demand for the product flourished; the process engineering team realized they would not be able to increase product volume in a timely and cost-effective way without a new TFF solution.

Learn how Agilitech applied its flexible design approach in collaboration with the customer to adapt its standard single-use TFF system to meet the client’s current and future needs, and how the brand-agnostic solution also helped to address supply chain issues with single-use components.

Case study highlights include:

Applying a transformative product design process that delivers true fit-for-purpose bioprocessing solutions tailored to unique process requirements

Configuring a standard single-use TFF system design to meet exact process requirements, while reducing processing time from 7 to 2 hours, on average

Future-proofing a TFF system to enable easy upsizing or downsizing as manufacturing demands change

Benefits of flexible brand-agnostic single-use systems such as minimizing risks associated with supply chain issues of single-use components

About the Author:


Dennis Hodgson is Director, Biotech, at Agilitech, providing technical leadership for new product development, as well as custom configurations of Agilitech’s biotech products and systems to meet the unique and specific needs of each client – today and in the future.

With over 16 years of engineering/manufacturing experience working at preeminent global companies such as Genentech, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Boehringer Ingelheim, Dennis is well versed in all functional areas of biotech process design and engineering. He also has broad experience with bioprocess system integration, automation and process optimization, and is proficient with multiple market-leading automation platforms such as DeltaV and Rockwell Automation.

Dennis’ vast expertise and understanding of the ever-changing arena of biotech research and development, as well as biopharmaceutical manufacturing are sought after by both internal colleagues and clients alike.


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