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Single-use Mixers – Ensuring the Customization, Scalability and Supply Required for Success

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Single-use Mixers – Ensuring the Customization, Scalability and Supply Required for Success

In this podcast, Brandy Sargent, Editor at Cell Culture Dish, talks with Dennis Hodgson and Phil Sanders from Agilitech about the benefits of single-use mixers, dealing with supply chain concerns, ensuring scalability, and tailoring a mixer to meet specific process needs.

The podcast began with a discussion around the overall benefits and adoption of single-use technologies for mixing, as well as possible concerns that customers may have in light of recent supply chain shortages of single-use consumables.  Agilitech single-use mixers are discussed, including their unique flexible design that can be tailored to specific customer process needs while at the same time speeding up delivery time of the mixer and driving down cost.

Highlights discussed:

Key drivers for the increased adoption of single-use mixing technologies

Addressing customer concerns with supply chain issues for single-use consumables

Expanded options of Agilitech single-use mixers to meet specific process needs of each customer

How Agilitech’s approach to single-use technologies provides more flexibility, while reducing product delivery time and driving down cost

About the podcast participants


Phil Sanders

Biotech Chief Innovation Officer
Chief Revenue Officer

Phil Sanders is the Biotech Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Revenue Officer at Agilitech. In his role as Biotech Chief Innovation Officer, Phil leads the company’s quest to deliver state-of-the art technology, engineering and automation services to the biotech industry, supporting the advance of science and medicine to solve health problems and make lives better.

Phil has over 30 years of experience in process engineering, automation and systems integration, with specialized expertise in the biotech industry, including related FDA and other regulatory requirements that Agilitech customers must adhere to.

Before joining Agilitech, Phil served in senior management positions at both startups and industry-leading companies such as Emerson Impact Partner, Caltrol, and Rockwell Automation. Throughout his career, he has successfully guided and motivated cross-functional teams, driving organizations to success by mentoring and motivating others to produce results while minimizing risk.


Dennis Hodgson

Director, Biotech

Dennis Hodgson is Director, Biotech, at Agilitech, providing technical leadership for new product development, as well as custom configurations of Agilitech’s biotech products and systems to meet the unique and specific needs of each client – today and in the future.

With over 16 years of engineering/manufacturing experience working at preeminent global companies such as Genentech, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Boehringer Ingelheim, Dennis is well versed in all functional areas of biotech process design and engineering. He also has broad experience with bioprocess system integration, automation and process optimization, and is proficient with multiple market-leading automation platforms such as DeltaV and Rockwell Automation.

Dennis’ vast expertise and understanding of the ever-changing arena of biotech research and development, as well as biopharmaceutical manufacturing are sought after by both internal colleagues and clients alike.

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